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Special Awards and Exhibitions
Name Junko Watanabe
Born October 19th. One of two sisters born in consecutive years.
Occupation Collage Artist/University student (English Major)
Raised Chofu City, Tokyo
Certifications Medical Clerk, Printed style Chinese characters (1st Level), Running script Chinese characters (1st Level), Calligraphy (1st Level), Ikuta-ryu Koto Teaching License, Unicycle (4th Level)
Favorite dog Maltese
Weakness Driving
Goal To become the author of a picture book.

Illustration and Design Work

My Print Co. "New Year Cards Just For You": Collage Combinations 2006-Present
MPC Co. New Year Card Illustrations Complete Collection 2003-2006
Japanese Style PC New Year Cards 2007-2009
Easy PC New Year Cards 2008
Illustrated Almanac of Seasonal Words Complete Collection
School Illustrations 5, School Print Forms 1, Medicine and Health Illustrations
ASCII Co. Japanese New Year Cards 2007
Japanese Color New Year Cards 2008-Present
The Best Illustrations Created with Fudeoh 2006-2009
New Year Greetings 2007: Massive New Years Card Collection DVD 2010
Gijutsu-Hyohron Co. "The Grace of Japanese Style" 2006-2010
Torendou Co. "Simple and Elegant New Year Cards 2009"
Shinyusha Co. "Mook Series Simple PC New Year Cards 2009"
Gakken Holdings "Super Simple PC New Year Cards: Popular Authors Collection 2010"
Froebel-Kan Co. "Kinder Book 1" February Issue (Konkonkushan Illustration)
"Kinder Book 1: Raring to Go" March Issue (Happy Summer Festival Illustration)
"Kinder Book 3: Full of Excitement"June Issue
June Issue Nature Corner: Hydrangeas Are Blooming Illustration
Asahi Kasei Home Corp. Hebelian 2009-2010 Summer Issue: How to Make "Round Fans and Sunflowers"
Fuji TV November 2008 TV show "Red String" Collage Construction and Instruction
Komae City 2010 Komae City 40th Anniversary Operations Executive Committee Logo Design


Blue Bird Co. Pochibukuro small envelope (6 types: Written Oracle, Food)
Toyo Co. Washi (Fir Tree, Spring Rain, Tengu bokashi, Unryu, Folk Craft, Itajime ) Design and instruction.
Washi Chigiri-e Collage Kit, Collage Kit, 4 types. (Animals, Food, Flowers, Chigiri-e Collages) Supervised.
Wakatsuru Co. 2007-2008 Limited Edition Lapel Design for Japanese Sake Distribution Meeting
Sasaki Shiko Co. Collage Tiny Bag 2008-2009


NHK October-November 2009 NHK Everybody's Song "Nanakamado's Autumn"
Responsible for collage filming, CD and picture book.
Sotec Corp. "771 Cute Japanese Designs Made from Washi" first published on February 20, 2010.
Dainihon Kateiongaku-kai Co. 2006 Masterpiece "Kasa Jizou" on slide and DVD
2007 "Timeless Japanese Songs"
2010 Jacket design for "Nostalgic and Long-lasting Hit Melodies Played with Koto and Shakuhachi"


1999-Present Led the Komae City Committee for Creative Collages.
2008-2009 "Children's Traditional Culture Workshop" for the National Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Culture.
Led "Picture Story Shows for Children Using Creative Collages Workshop"
2010-Present Led children's traditional culture class "Creative Collage Workshop" for the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Cultural Asset Division.
September, 2008
-January, 2009
"Creative Collage Workshop" Ebisu Classroom
December, 2009-Present Led in the creation of collage "Wakaba" for Komae City Challenged Children Committee sponsored by "Everyone's Plaza"

Special Awards and Exhibitions

1998 First Selection in the 2nd Annual Kyoto Fan FADC Competition
"The 24 Pupils"Tsuboi Sakae's 100th Birthday Celebration
Aizuwakamatsu City "Happy Birthday Card Contest" Honorable Mention
"Gallery Picture Illustration Contest" Honorable Mention
1999 Award for Excellence in the 3rd Annual Kyoto Fan FADC Competition
2000 Best Award at the 2nd Annual Nagaharu Hand-dyed Washi Postcard Exhibition
Nifty Corporation's "Kikujiro" Picture Diary Contest Kikujiro Prize
2001 Best Award at the 3rd Annual Nagaharu Hand-dyed Washi Postcard Exhibition
2002 "2004 JDN New Years Card Design Competition" Readers Award
2003-2009 Selected for the 88th-93rd Annual Nika Postcard Exhibition Contest
April 9-May 6, 2007 "JR Nagoya Station JR Central Towers" Exhibition 12th Floor Towers Gallery
JR Central Building Sponsored "Junko Watanabe Creative Collage Exhibition"
May 14-May 20, 2007 First solo exhibition in Shibuya Ward "Harajuku KS Gallery"
May 21-June 4, 2007 Solo exhibition in "Gallery Kanonzaka"
May-June, 2008 Collage and Knitted Animals Collaboration "Two Man Show"
December, 2008 Kumagaya City Saitama Prefecture Yagihashi Department Store "Hometown Cherry Tree Pilgrimage: 4 Person Show"
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